Siolit Flora enhances the plants growth and strengthened their immunity to insect attacks and disease. Siolit Flora develops the root system so that nutrients in the soil are more easily absorbed by the plants and trees.

Siolit Flora can be used separately or together with plant fertiliser when watering. We recommend that Siolit Flora be added to the water at least once a month. Larger plants can be watered more often in the growing season dependent on growth conditions and fertiliser requirements.

Siolit Flora is suitable for all types of plants - indoors and outdoors.

Siolit Flora is approved by Debio in Norway, KTTK in Finland, KRAV in Sweden and by the Danish Plantedirektorart to organic farming.  

If there is risk of inhaling please use a dust mask class P2 or better. Store Siolit Flora dry.

Experience with the use of Siolit Flora.

Experiments have shown that plants absorb nutrients better and more easily. Fertiliser consumption can be considerably reduced without inhibiting the plants grow.

Test with tomato plants in greenhouses in Norway and Denmark have shown that the plants treated with Siolit Flora were over 30 cm. higher, grew better and set more flowers. The tomatoes ripened more slowly, but their active period was several weeks longer. The control plants stopped growing and withering 6 weeks before the Siolit Flora treated plants, which grow until the start of October.

The foliage of pot plants becomes deeper green. Pot-plants that seldom have flowers start blooming. Flowering plants have many more flowers. Cuttings are making roots faster and stronger and the seeds come up quicker and more homogeneous. Siolit Flora is about pH 7 , so do not use it on cuttings which require a lower pH, like rhododendron.

Entyloma Dahliae Syd.
Danish Dahliasociety will start test with Siolit Flora against the feared fungus Entyloma Dahliae Syd. which destroy Dahlia plants.

In Assens Garden Centre the consumption of fertiliser was reduced from 1000 kg Urea to 250 kg in the springtime by adding Siolit Flora into the watering system.

Experience at the Assens Garden Centre, Fåborgvej 10, DK-5610 Assens.+45 6471 1699

Mr. Ole Madsen the owner of the nursery say:

Doubt and scepticism towards a new growth-promoting and protective powder turned to enthusiasm

Significant savings in the cost of fertiliser, dark green and larger plants are the results after some years using Siolit Flora. It took just one heaped spoonful of Siolit mixed with 6000 litters of water, 25 kg fertiliser and micro nutrient to boost the growth of the many thousands plants at the Assens Garden Centre.

- The plants have become much greener, in fact a rich green colour. They become healthier and their ability to absorb nutrients has become much greater. Quite a bonanza for my nursery and the big collection of plants here. The first Siolit-treated plants on sale were snapped up, so from a sales point of view the investment in this product has been most profitable.

In that way concludes Mr. Ole Madsen. For more than 4 years ago he agreed to try the effects of the completely new growth promoting and protective powder, Siolit Flora on his many thousands of plants.

- And I have to admit that I was really surprised. The Siolit powder turned out to have a fantastic effect. There was a visible difference between the plants treated with Siolit Flora and those that hadn't. So this year I started treating all my plants with the powder, - something that I have not regretted. I hadn't expected the results to be so spectacular.

- There is no doubt at all that my plants have become healthier and better looking. This can be seen just by looking at the colour of the plants, the root system has also become much stronger and healthier. Basically it means that my plants have become better at absorbing the nutrients from the fertiliser, explains Mr. Ole Madsen. Especial in cultivation of plants it means a lot to give new plants a good start in life.

All this can really be something which matter, running a big garden centre. In Ole Madsens case the use of Siolit Flora has meant a significant reduction in fertiliser consumption. Where he normally uses 1000 kg a year, this years consumption has been reduced to 250 kg. In addition to this are the 600 g Siolit Flora added to the 60.000 litres of water used over the summer period with 6000 litters each time. ( 6000 litters water with 25 kg fertiliser and 60 g Siolit Flora ).

Protects the Environment
-The environment and the impact we fertiliser consumers have on it are also important considerations when using this product.
- If I, as a nurseryman, can reduce the use of fertiliser for my plants because they have become much better at absorbing nutrients, then I am also helping protect the environment. I do not need as much fertiliser because it is exploited more efficiently by the plants and so leaching to the aquatic environment is reduced. This is an interesting prospect, concludes Ole Madsen.

Fungi in a chestnut tree

A fatal fungus attack in a big Aesculus hippocastanum was stopped after two weeks treatment with Siolit Flora. The fungi where destroyed by injecting and applying a strong mixture of Siolit Flora and water to the infected areas. The infected bark has afterwards been removed and Siolit Flora has been applied to the trunk. New bark developed around the wound which will gradually cover the area.

A Garden near by Assens got all Ulmus and Zelkova trees Siolit-treated in 1997 and again in 98. After a pause the trees was treated again this summer 2002. 

This experiment led to test on Elmdisease where 2 big elmtrees in 1995 at Fårbæk nearby Karup in Jutland has been treaded with Siolit Flora.

In Utterslev Mose nearby Copenhagen an elm hedge has bee treaded every year since 1997. The hedge was attack by the fungus. Today April 2002 it is still going strong. (Left picture) 

Japanese cherrytree, which has the deadly fungus Monilia has been treaded with 1 kg. Siolit Flora . In the springtime 1999 it got ½ kg watering into the rootsystem. In June another ½ kg was given. In September there is only very small sign of the fungus on a few prongs. The leaves are growing normal and it look like the tree has recovered. We will keep the tree under observations in the next years, and it will bee treaded with Siolit Flora every year before springtime. Pictures

Stabruck farmer school in Belgium has been using Siolit Flora in several years. The product is the only powder tested at the school witch has been all-round with an effect on all plants and trees. One of the test vas at potatoes. Siolit Flora treaded vas faster and bigger in there growing than the control plants. Therefore the school vas able to deliver the first potatoes to the royal court of Belgium.

In Denmark we have tried Siolit Flora on potatoes for flour production. The result was over 1% higher contents of flour. This gave the farmer a much better price when he delivered the potatoes at the factory in Karup Denmark.

Test and experiences by Gardener Tom Pilt, Thurø. Phone no:. +45 6220 6252

New greens of grass.
Adding 5 gr. of Siolit Flora into 3 kg. grass seed, mixed well before sowing in October. The earth temperature was under 10 C. The greens was ready after 8 days. The area vas treaded with half of normal fertiliser and normal dose of chalk.

Old greens of grass: 5 kg of fertiliser mixed well with 5 gr. Siolit Flora given to 600 m2 grass. The results was deeper rots, darker green colour, and it has to be cut twice every week. Here in Denmark the normal cutting is one time a week, some times longer periods between cuttings.

Buddleia was treaded with 1,5 gr. into 10 l water after flowering. The bush started a new flowering period, which continued into October.

3 pc. of 2 m. Omorica was give the same treatment. After a short period they become greener and vas looking much more healthy than the control trees.

A Gingo Biloba got larger leaves and grout vas remarkable better.

Tom Pilt has also tried Siolit Flora in an a 350 l. aquarium with fish and plants.

Chryptorynes of various kinds all show better growing, even the slow growing species was speeding up, the same happened with walsigneria.

The watercalas start flowering, which is very rare in Danish aquarium, but the best results showing during the test was, that no fish at all show any sign of illness because of the treatment. The test will be followed closely in the future.

Plants in the household, which is normal here to be growing in windows and elsewhere there is space for it has got greener and bigger leaves. One of Toms customers who has a lot of orchids was from the start very negative to the use of Siolit Flora, today he will not do without. His orchids are in a fine condition with lots of flowers and far better growing.

Siolit Flora are used in many different ways, the customs tell us how happy they are for the product, and all the results they cane see in there gardens. The better growing of the vegetables or there roses. Even in the greenhouses they have a great effect on the tomatoes, cucumber, grapes and other greenhouse plants. A lot use it on there grass, all indicate better growing and greener grass. The rots are much longer. One has observed that his grassroots expanded from 7 cm to 15 cm within few months. The same situation is seen on golf courses where they use Siolit Flora.

Fungus in onion and flowerbulb has been eliminated with Siolit Flora. A very small amount of Siolit cane been added to the onion or bulb when it is planted. Watering later on with Siolit Flora can be done and will give better grout.

Mix Siolit Flora into the seed, 5 gr. goes for 3 kg of grass seed, - and just a little bit of Siolit Flora mixed in the small bag with seeds, will speed up the sprouts.

How to use Siolit Flora 

In household 1,5 g to 10 litter of water is normal one time a month, alone or together with firtilizer. Depending on how big and how much the plant are growing, Siolit Flora can be used more often. In gardens and other places 300 - 500 g pr ha (10.000 m2 ) When planting leeks, cabbages and other plants of vegetables it is very good to dip the rot in Siolit Flora before planting in the soil.

The grainfield in the front are treated with 500 gr. Siolit. The grain in the back are untreated.

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